The Chainsmokers mark their legacy at the X

Andrew Bravo
Staff Photographer

Renowned EDM pop duo The Chainsmokers performed Saturday at the Xcel Energy Center, shutting down much of downtown for their World War Joy tour.

Accompanied by opening acts Lennon Stella and 5 Seconds of Summer, the star-studded line up made for an evening that left fans wanting more. Whether done through the use of pyrotechnics choreographed to music, or circus-esque extreme stunts like racing motorcycles in cages, fans were ready to rave as the venue transformed into an EDM madhouse in front of their very eyes.

While up and comer Lenna Stella brought out her fanbase as she performed, the following opener that was 5 Seconds of Summer was met with shrieking fans. Dedicated fans, some of whom brought signs saying they are from as far away as Virginia and Maine to see them perform, exploded as guitarist Luke Hemmings delivered an incredible act.

The Australian pop band, also known for hits like “Youngblood” and “Voodoo Doll”, encapsulated a preview of what The Chainsmokers would be met with that night – enthusiasm and euphoria.

Taking fans on a journey through their popular discography, The Chainsmokers played several of their most popular hits such as “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Paris” and “Closer”, all of which have shattered Billboard records numerous times and even earned the duo a Grammy in 2017.

Split into two acts, other remixes were played as part of an interlude as the crew lowered a metal steel ball from the ceiling which would later be used for the song “Sick Boy” and the “Ball of Death” motorcycle act.

Climbing into the cage, singer Drew Taggart performed the song “Sick Boy”, which also happens to be the name of the band’s 2018 album. This brought the crowd an emotional standstill as Taggart performed from inside the massive steel ball.

Following the emotional solo, he went to explain the context of the song. “I know the song is a little dark,” Taggart exclaimed, “but I wrote that at a very dark point in my life. Thank you guys all for being here.”

Met with roaring applause, Taggart smiled and ran back to the main stage in preparation to rile up the crowd once again.

The stage setup and performances were made with one intent in mind; to captivate the audience. In a matter of a few songs, the atmosphere of the show became comparable to the EDM festivals of Tomorrowland or EDC Las Vegas. Massive speakers were erected both sides of the stage, and a soundstage, manned with a full production staff brought the action to a ready crowd.

Above the stage hung a massive triad of rigging mounted with lights in the form of a spike. In addition to all of this, massive screens surrounded the main setup to project robotic faces singing lyrics to various songs. One thing was clear – the electronic duo had a powerful impact on the audience, who seemed to know every word to the songs projected out to the stadium.

Pyrotechnics proved pivotal to the vitality of the World War Joy performance that night. Explosions set to bass drops of songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses” drove crowds crazy while light shows and lasers brought the passion of the music straight to the fans. One of the greatest feats of the show had to be the fire drum solo.

The highlight of the night was seen from a rising platform as drummer Matt McGuire played a solo with flaming drumsticks as the crowd looked on in disbelief.

Fans came for a show – not only did The Chainsmokers deliver, they went on to mark a legacy at Xcel that night.

Photos by Andrew Bravo | MSU Reporter.

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