College of Business Involvement Fair gets students involved

Emily Erck
Staff Writer

The College of Business held a Student Engagement Fair on Oct. 3 from 2-5 p.m. at the south and center CSU ballroom.

Many students attended and were greeted by more than a dozen booths of eager businessmen and businesswomen wanting to help them discover their full potential and plans in the business world.

Many different majors were represented at the event including marketing, management, international business, finance, business analytics, business law and accounting. Two graduate programs were also represented including a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Accounting.

Business classes attended the event, as well as First Year Seminar classes. All students were eager to learn about different events, clubs, and local businesses wanting to enhance their college and career experiences. One of the businesses that represented themselves at this event was United Prairie Bank.

United Prairie Bank spoke about their opportunities for students, which included the Integrated Business Experience (IBE). IBE’s personal statement and goal is to allow students to combine a suite of required courses into a semester-long real-world entrepreneurial experience that gives them a head-start on their business careers.

As they work together to apply their knowledge to planning, launching and operating an actual business, the students gain the leadership skills, entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on experience that employers look for in new hires. Once each student has prepared their own personal business plan, they present it to United Prairie Bank to obtain a real loan.

Once they have received the loan, they continue the rest of the semester marketing their business and selling it. Once they have repaid their loan, the rest of the proceeds they make go to a charity of their choice.

Another organization that represented themselves at this event was the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This group holds many events throughout the year, including a few that are coming up soon. These events include the Women Entrepreneurship Week, which is Oct. 21-25.

There is also another event throughout Nov. 18-22 called Global Entrepreneurship Week. This event is designed to inspire future entrepreneurs, foster connections, and increase collaboration across all ecosystems. There will be talks about how to create small businesses and the kick-off for the Big Ideas Challenge.

Lastly, the organization holds one of their biggest events of the year: Student Pop Up Store. The Student Pop Up Store is a high school and university student entrepreneurs table where students can sell their products or services. Anyone can sign up to join for this school-wide event on Nov. 30 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The College of Business has many other ways for students to get involved and many other activities and clubs they can join, besides the few mentioned. They are encouraged to look into all of the opportunities that the College of Business provides, as well as the opportunities that students have created for others.

Header photo by Samuel Oluwadoromi | MSU Reporter.

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