Calm before the storm: protests swarm Target Center

Michael McShane
News Editor

Minneapolis is in the midst of a civil war over President Donald Trump’s visit.

Supporters and protesters of Trump’s rally are already making themselves heard before the President even arrived in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Trump supporters filled up the line for the rally set to go off inside the Target Center, many showing their pride through t-shirts, hats and posters.

It didn’t take long though for protesters to enter the fray and make it known their dislike for the president and his policies.

Protesters have taken to the street, equalling in size to Trump supporters creating an almost sidewalk rivalry.

Protesters have brought with them their own special way of signaling their furor over the president.

Protesters held up posters, one of which had President Trump in clown makeup, another urged to “close the camps”; referring to the detention centers for undocumented immigrants have been sent to.

There were some Trump counter protesters whose posters did not minse words. One Trump supporter sat proudly with a sign that promoted the hanging of who he called “liberal traitors”.

Many protesters went up to the man and debated with him, but simply words were exchanged. 

So far nothing violent has erupted due to the protesters and Trump supporters being in such a condensed area. 

Minneapolis police have made their presence known as police cars and police checkpoints have scattered themselves throughout the major areas around the Target Center.

Trump is set to speak at 7 p.m. and will have much to say about the ongoing impeachment inquiry that has taken ahold of his administration.

Unsurprisingly, the opinions over the inquiry has been partisan with many Trump supporters declaring it a plot to oust the president while protesters saying something like this needed to happen a long time ago.

Trump may also turn his attention to current Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey who recently had a spat with the president over a $560,000 bill over security.

Header photo: Protestors gather outside the Target Center before President Trump’s “Keep America Great” campaign rally Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minn. (Mansoor Ahmad/MSU Reporter)

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