There should be no shame in college students trick or treating

Michael McShane
News Editor

We were all kids once, and one of our favorite times during the year was that amazing night where we could dress up in whatever we wanted and got candy from strangers. 

Okay, that last part is a bit creepy now, but the delicious piles of candy we were rewarded at the end of the night made up for it in spades. Yet at some point in mid- adolescent something switched and trick or treating became a “kiddy” thing and we left our childhood into the college students we are now. 

We still dress up, sometimes a bit raunchier than back then, but those are for parties where you’re secluded to a house and the only time you’re outside is when you’re walking, sometimes not in a straight line, back home. 

Halloween trick or treating shouldn’t have an age limit nor should people feel shame for wanting to do something that is fun to them. We’re adults, which means there are things we’re able to do without having to ask for permission and that should extend to something as fun and basic as trick or treating.  

I remember when I went out trick or treating during Halloween, it was fun and exciting, and I would absolutely go out and trick or treat this year if I wasn’t so busy all the time. And that is the thing, we’re college students, we’re busy all the time now. Even during summer and winter vacation we’re usually working full-time to pay those pesky bills.  

That makes this day even more important – why take this away from yourself when it’s right there for the taking. A night to unwind, to put that title of adult down for a second and let all that fun trapped inside out. Live like a kid again!  

We’re old enough to know we’re never too old for something that makes us happy.  

Trick or treating isn’t just something to entertain little kids, it’s a holiday where we can release that spark of imagination within us. We’ve always wanted to be something we’re not or can never be and we don’t stop that once we hit a certain age.  

There are college students who want to be firefighters, private detectives and superheroes and they should be able to dress up as those kind of people during Halloween and go out and have fun.  

That old saying; “Aren’t you a little old to go trick or treating” should be tossed into the trash can along with all the black liquorice.  

To those thinking of going out on the 31st to trick or treat, don’t be ashamed and don’t think about what other people think. You’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it because it’s both fun and, this is important, because you want to.

Header photo courtesy of Flickr.

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