Voter disenfranchisement discussed at MNSU

Hellen Akinyi
Staff Writer

The Modern Day Voter Disenfranchisement event was hosted and organised by the Women’s Center on campus.

Paris Hatcher, who was the speaker of the event had a lot to say. She majored in Women’s Studies and got her Bachelor’s Degree from East Carolina University and proceeded to get her Masters in the same field at Clark Atlanta University.

She talked about the Stacy Abrams campaign. Abrams was a black American woman who ran for Georgia’s governor seat in 2019, and according to Hatcher, with her book of facts, Stacy won.

Brian Kemp, who was the opponent and also the Secretary of the State at that time, supposedly rigged the election. “Facts do not lie,” said Hatcher.

Hatcher took the audience back to the 1850s leading up to 1920s. In 1865, when the civil war had just came to end it was still a controversial era, from institutional racism to housing and educational racism, not to mention the fact that black people were not allowed to vote.

After taking her time explaining that, she came back to the present, asking where we are and what our options are in terms of elections, and how many exercised that right, keeping in mind that black women were legally allowed to vote less than 100 years ago in 1965.

As there is very little diversity in the candidates running for various offices, more and more rules keep being created. This will lead to many candidates not being eligible to run for office.

There is also less than 20% youth turnout on elections, and this shows how the youth cares less on things that matter.

In the 2016 elections, 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton while more than 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump.

As much as there’s always a large voter turn out when it comes to black women, they barely get investments. Most voter acquisitions, which is how much money is needed to take one to the polling station, is for white women.

According to some statistics, new American majority include the Latin Americans, black Americans, young people and single or unmarried white women, hence they are in charge of a high percentage of the results.

With 2020 elections right around the corner, Hatcher urged the audience to participate. She said it really doesn’t matter who we vote for, but we should go ahead and turn out.

While not all of us are eligible to vote, we can still be able to participate in one way or the other, either by driving people to the polling station or assisting anyone at the polling lines and offering some refreshments, we can still be part of the elections.

She finished by stating some of the things she wishes to see in the 2020 elections which included a diversity in candidates, a nationwide off day during the election day, protection of voters during the election, secured and verified technology to be used in the elections and free and fair elections.

This was an informative session and hopefully, in 2020, more people will, in one way or the other, be able to participate and practice their right.

Header photo by Prasad Pol/MSU Reporter.

One thought on “Voter disenfranchisement discussed at MNSU

  • Daniel Sebold

    I have heard several times that statistic of over 53 percent of white women voting for Trump. This may not have been a complete mistake given Hillary’s mentally ill accusation last week made of Tulsi Gabbert, an active duty US Army officer, being a Russian sympathizer. Even the fascist news organizations of CNN and Fox News thought it an insane accusation. You can find videos on You Tube of Hillary saying in the last election that she would “obliterate Iran if they make one wrong move against Israel.” Just do a You Tube search about Hillary and Iran. On one video she declares that we will have a war with Iran.

    Trump was very wise calling off that war with Iran a few months ago as it turns out Iran is not only well armed with drones but also has developed a ballistic missile system that can easily wipe out both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. “The UAE will cease to exist” said the Iranians if the USA attacks.

    Let us hope that feminists like Gloria Steinem in the future will refrain from endorsing the war mongering Hillaries of America in coming elections. Enjoy the madness of life in America.

    By the way, since racism was one of the topics mentioned in the article, what percentage of the students on campus are African American? Anyone from Minneapolis North High School attending MSU? I think not. I loved subbing at North High back in the eighties. The kids had a nice sense of humor, white kids jokingly accusing the black kids of scaring them with their dark faces.

    Did you know that America had at least two wonderful gay black writers, the poet Langston Hughes, and the novelist, James Baldwin who said he “hit the jack pot” being both black and gay in America, making him all the better of a writer. Check them out on your next semester break

    Daniel Sebold
    MSU Alumnus and Gulf War veteran and lover of Russians and their literature and music and sexy swimming attire for both genders.
    Siem Reap, Cambodia


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