MNSU women appreciated at Black Girl Magic

Hellen Akinyi
Staff Writer

The Black Motivated Women group on campus hosted their annual Black Girl Magic dinner Thursday night.

The BMW hosts different activities on and off campus which focuses on different aspects such as the importance of womanhood in society while allowing females of Minnesota State University, Mankato to build a sense in community.

The aim of the dinner is to bring women together for one special night and present them with an opportunity to show them how valuable they are, how much they are appreciated, as well as to give the girls a reason to celebrate their accomplishments, no matter how small they may appear to be.

To say the ladies showed up and showed out will be an understatement. Some went for the bold colors while others just preferred the rest. The room smelt of cocoa butter, cinnamon and honey.

Priscilla Coffee was this year’s speaker. She has a masters from Liberty University in Pastoral Counseling crisis and owns a Christian group known as Refresh & Refuel Christian Counselling Services which she founded in 2018. Its desire is to see people healed and inspired to live full lives discovering their strengths in adversity.

She started off with a little encouraging word, affirming each individual that they matter. She also talked about different issues from the power of not letting our pain control us and assuring the women that they are indeed set for great things. She even read a poem to the women.

As everyone was having dinner, the board members looked around trying to see the best dressed women of the night. They picked six contestants and had a mini fashion show, allowing the crowd the chance to pick their favorites.

A mini photo booth was placed at the back of the room which the ladies made use of it at the end of the night. Despite the sound engineer making a delay in appearance, the president improvised the music while the ladies waited, and played some from her phone.

At the end of the night, the three new board members were introduced to the group and officially welcomed to the team. The ladies of BMW not only left with gifts, but with some deep words of encouragement and affirmation to push them a little further.

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