The Pnyx: On California forest fires

Michael McShane
Staff Writer

As I’m writing this, my home state of California is being engulfed by forest fires. This state-wide epidemic of forest fires has put stress on multiple fire and police departments desperately trying to curb the spread of the blazes.

This is a serious issue that desperately, and unfortunately needs federal assistance. But while California is burning, President Donald Trump is instead in Chicago calling the Windy City an embarrassment to the country.

While I agree completely that crime in America is a problem, I believe the destruction of literal thousands of U.S. citizen’s homes, the health hazards coming from the large plumes of smoke rising from the fires and the potential violations done by the company, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, known simply as PG&E.

PG&E has been criticized greatly for its role in many, if not a large majority, of the fires currently going wild throughout California. 

The risks and mistakes made by PG&E have destroyed homes, families and right now at risk of destroying whole towns.

Trump has spoken about the California fires, but instead of trying to help like the president of the country is supposed to do, he instead fanned the flames by blaming California’s currently existing environment laws.

Fires like these should have been prevented, they shouldn’t have even been started to begin with. Once these fires are finally stopped and put to rest, and all the residents can reclaim what semblance of a home is left for them, there must be reproductions for all who caused these fires. 

Nature may have made the fires more powerful, but it wasn’t what started them and that is the root of the cause that needs to not only be addressed, but fixed and prevented from happening ever again.

The federal governemt and state governmnet needs to do their job and work together to find the best route to stopping these dangerous fires that are threatening the lives of thousands of innocent lives.

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