The Pnyx: On the anonymous Trump critic

Michael McShane
News Editor

I am one of many who wish to one day know who this mysterious person working within the White House is and to what extent their role in the White House consists of, one thing for sure is – it sure has nothing to do with policy.

For all their talk about how they are currently in the process of making sure President Donald Trump didn’t go with his “worst impulses”, he certainly fails in that regard. It’s with this point that I find that this anonymous person working in the White House secretly against the president hasn’t really done anything besides make Trump angry.

In terms of worst impulses – Trump took troops out of Syria, used a sharpie to alter a map to make it look like a Hurricane was going to hit a state that was not in its actual path and potentially used quid pro quo to get dirt of a political rival from another country’s government.

All of those happening in 2019 alone. So, with that said, I find it hard to see how this anonymous person is really helping the country by both staying anonymous and staying in the White House in general. 

I think having them testify in front of Congress. Whatever they have witnessed or heard would be better corroborated if they took the mask of anonymity off themselves.

As of now, all they’ve succeeded in doing is make Trump angry, which would ironically make Trump’s impulses even worse. 

If this so-called “hero of the nation” really wants to help the country, they need to get rid of this secret identity and reveal to the country who they are. It means losing their position in the White House, but in all seriousness, would that really make a difference at this point?

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