A guide to this year’s Black Friday shopping

Kolby Spomer
A&E Editor

It’s that time of year again. Time to dip out of your family’s awkward Thanksgiving and all its charms, like awkward questions about your relationship status and lowkey racism from Uncle Chuck, to go and buy an unreasonable amount of items for a semi-reasonable price. 

Most of the marquee items featured during Black Friday are entertainment based, so I figured I’d compile a list of the deals that I found most appealing here, in an effort to make the whole endeavour a little bit easier on you. I know I know, I’m so charitable and kind and handsome. You’re welcome.

First things first, let’s get into the TV sales. As a college student, I know how expensive a new TV can be, and how impractical it can seem to own one when things like Netflix and Youtube are available on your phone and laptop now, but I think some of these deals might intrigue you.

For example, Amazon is selling a 32 inch Roku LED Smart TV for only $150, as opposed to the $200 it typically costs. If that’s still too steep, the best deal I could find, and one I might personally go for, is Walmart’s $100 40 inch Roku Smart TV.

If TVs aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, maybe you’re in the market for a laptop. I’m still using something from 2014, and I know a lot of others are in the same predicament, so to get out of said predicament, maybe you should head to Walmart and grab either the HP 14 Laptop for $400. If you can spare it you can grab a Macbook Air in the same aisle for an astounding $800.

Accessories more what you’re looking for? Walmart has you covered, with smart watches on sale from $170-$220. Want a tablet? Amazon is selling a variety for as little as $40.

Headphones more your speed? Best Buy is here to help, with a bounty of headphones that range in price from $100 to $200.

Finally, we’ve reached my favorite subsection of Black Friday deals. Video games. Are you looking to finally get a PS4? Well if so, you should head over to Walmart and take advantage of their PS4 slim deal, which features a console and 3 classic games for only $199. If you’re looking to get the optimized PS4 Pro instead, you should stop by GameStop and get the Death Stranding bundle for $299. If you’re trying to buy an Xbox, you’re best bet would be to head to Best Buy and snag their Xbox One deal that includes the console, a 3 month subscription to Xbox Gold, a $30 Best Buy gift card, and the newest Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order for a mere $350.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably be looking to buy a Nintendo Switch. Sadly, the deals here are less appealing, with the standout coming from Walmart. You can get a new Switch and the Spyro game trilogy for $284. You’re probably better off buying this one off of some Mom on Facebook.

Games and movies are being sold everywhere for cheap, so it’s a little hard to recommend any one place, but if forced to I’d say go to Target or GameStop for video games and Walmart or Best Buy for movies.

These deals may seem a little less “worth it” than years past, but let me remind you of something. If you don’t go out and shop, you’ll have to listen to Uncle Chuck and your Grandma reminisce about the “good old days” when “everything was right in this country” and “people knew their place”. So, maybe go add a little to our economy and make someone’s holiday. I don’t know just a suggestion. Be cool if you went. Up to you though.

Header photo courtesy of Flickr.

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