Harry Styles triumphs with new album “Fine Line”

Jenna Peterson
Staff Writer

Harry Styles released his sophomore album titled Fine Line on Dec. 13, 2019, leaving not only his fans, but everyone in awe.

After taking a 2 ½ year break from the first album, Styles released the first single off the album, “Lights Up” on Oct. 10, 2019, followed by “Adore You” on Dec. 6, 2019. This album contains 12 songs that encapture Harry’s personality and passions, and in this article I will be describing each song and giving my opinion on them.

To kick off the album, “Golden” comes first; this song is a happy ball of sunshine that can instantly put anyone in a happy mood. This song is personally one of my top favorites, and it only goes up from there. To follow, “Watermelon Sugar” is a simpler song that reminds listeners about the positive essence of summer with the upbeat tempo.

This song is another personal favorite of mine. The third song on the album is titled, “Adore You”, and this song made all fans want to either be a fish or buy a plane ticket to the island of Eroda all because of the music video. If you have not seen it by now, look it up on YouTube.

As stated before, “Lights Up” was the first song off the album to be released, and fans were not disappointed in the least. Styles lets people know that he’s not sorry for who he is and he’s proud of the personal growth he’s accomplished in the past few years. “Cherry” is the first heartbreak song on the album, where Styles is missing his ex-partner who has moved on with another man with a hint of innocence.

The next song is another heartbreak song, much worse that the first. “Falling” will make anyone cry and miss a past relationship in an instant. This song is definitely one you need to listen to by yourself because it’ll make you so sad, and despite the fact it’s so heartbreaking, this song is another favorite of mine.

“To Be So Lonely” is the seventh song on the album, and in this one Styles realizes he did bad things to put his relationship into jeopardy, but despite this he can’t admit he’s sorry for it. The next song titled “She” is about a man and a woman in an unhappy relationship and Styles is daydreaming about being with her because he knows he can make her happy, unlike her current partner.

Another great song on the album is “Sunflower, Vol. 6”, which is another love song. Styles describes how he loves this person so much he can’t contain it and desperately wants this person. The most underrated song on the album is “Canyon Moon”, which makes listeners feel as if they’re traveling to the Grand Canyon for a picnic. The upbeat tempo of the song has an innocent feel to it.

The second to last song of the album, “Treat People with Kindness” is one I personally don’t enjoy as much as I do with the other songs. The title is a phrase Styles has used throughout his solo career, so the personal connection is present throughout the song.

To end the album, Styles uses the title “Fine Line” to describe the thick and the thin of all relationships and how people need to work through those issues in order to have balance. This album as a whole has some amazing songs that beautifully capture the ups and downs of relationships and heartbreaks.

Styles put his heart and soul into this album and showed the world how he has changed and he is proud of who he is.

Header photo courtesy of Harry Styles’ Facebook page.

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