Mankato apartments convene for housing fair

Max Mayleben
Media Editor

Apartment complexes from all across Mankato gathered on Mav Ave in the CSU Wednesday for the Housing Fair.

USquare, Atwood Property Management, Summit and Jacob Heights, College Station, Highland Hills Apartments, Residential Life and Glenwood Terrace attended the event in order to show students alternative housing opportunities throughout the town. 

Along with the housing options was a display from Mankato Public Safety to share how to remain safe and within the law as students’ journey into off campus housing.

For students looking to move off campus, there is a wide array of options to explore. When asked about what they have to offer, Sharla Zellmer, a leasing agent at Highland Hills said, “Closeness, our biggest advantage is we are the closest,” when discussing their proximity to the campus.

College Station’s Property Manager, Sara Gersemehl spoke to the affordability of their location, offering students an inexpensive option for off campus living. 

While slightly further from campus, College Station is included in the campus bus route, so students should have no trouble getting to school. Summit and Jacob Heights attempted to grab student’s attention with a prize wheel at the event. 

Jenae Spies, the Assistant General Manager at Summit and Jacob Heights boasted that they had the “Largest hot tub in Mankato.”

Mankato Public Safety also had their own booth at the event. Officer Stephanie Wilkins was there to inform students of the laws that may impact them while living off campus. Partying is the usual reason for police involvement with students. 

This is often initiated by a noise complaint called in by neighbors. Wilkins’ advice to students who want to partake in parties are to keep it small, monitor the gathering’s noise levels and to keep in contact with neighbors. Wilkins expressed the importance of reading the lease closely to find the policies on parties because often times the renter will have fines for any noise complaints.

Students looking into off campus housing opportunities can use the Reporter’s Housing Guide for more information on the different housing options available to MNSU students.

Header photo by Mai Tran/MSU Reporter.

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