Students taught the red line in healthcare

Caita Peirson
Staff Writer

The College of Allied Health and Nursing offered a continuing professional education seminar regarding behavioral healthcare ethics Jan. 31.

The event, led by professor Thad Shunkwiler and Dr. Jennifer Londgren, was attended by social workers, nurses, psychologists, therapists, related professionals, and Minnesota State University, Mankato’s own students.During the seminar, participants were educated on ethical violations within the workplace.

These violations are not a textbook problem, they happen right here in the Mankato area. According to the Mankato Free Press, in February 2019, a St. Peter security guard was charged with having sexual relations with a client.

This example, and many other ethical violations, happen all the time in the workplace and not far from home.In reaction to these scandals, Shunkwiler stated, “We need to get back to the basics.”

Between Shunkwiler and Dr. Londgren, they discussed what guides professional behavior and practice, reviewed case studies that regarded boundaries and ethics in the workplace, as well as dove into ethical theories.

Throughout the presentation, the attendees were encouraged to ask questions and be actively involved. This happened through small group and large group conversations. At one point, Shunkwiler asked the entire large group what ethics means. One MNSU third year Drug and Alcohol Studies student explained ethics as, “the intersection of morality and science.”

Ethics has its place within the workplace, but also within society. Anyone can attend these seminars. Future dates for courses and program can be found at under the Continuing & Professional Education tab. With special permission from the pro-gram head, students can typically reserve a spot at these events.

Header photo: Thad Shunkwiler and Dr. Jennifer Londgren speak during the Ethics Training Health Science held at Centennial Student Union Friday, Jan 31. 2020 in Mankato, Minn. (Prasad Pol/MSU Reporter)

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