Maverick spotlight: MSU softball’s Courtney Potter

Aaron Young
Staff Writer

Junior Courtney Potter has been playing for the Minnesota State Mavericks softball team for two years. 

She was a catcher but has since transitioned to the outfield. Potter is from the heart of the Cornhusker state of Nebraska and came to Minnesota State to be a part of the prestigious softball program.  

In the morning, she’s preparing for class in the afternoon. By night she is studying at her apartment or at the student center. Above all, she is always prepared to lace on the cleats, put the softball glove on and hit the softball field.

Outside of being a softball player, Potter wants to be remembered for her true identity before anything else.

She said, “What I would like people to remember about my career as an athlete is that I understood that my identity lied in so much more than just my sport. My worth lies far beyond my accomplishments in my sport and this took me a long time to realize.” 

Potter exemplifies courage and diligence while inspiring her peers, whether they are on her team on in the classroom. She is a role model to her community and that translates into her role on the softball team. 

The Mavericks softball team is a storied franchise with a championship to solidify their success. Potter explained how her coach’s game plan has an immediate impact on the team.

“Coach Meyer’s game plan has always been to win. It is important for each of us to contribute to the success of our team in any way that we possibly can, whether that through playing time, practicing, cheering, recording stats. We all possess this understanding and it is this mindset that allows us achieve our goals.”

Softball is one of many successful sports in Maverick athletics. 

When it comes to what Potter sees in MSU athletics, she said, “MSU is a school that respects athletics inside and out. From the faculty willing to be flexible with our traveling schedule, to our equipment staff always having our gear and uniforms ready, there is support from all areas.”

She continued further, saying, “Each sport takes pride in wearing our school name across our chest and it’s something that unites us all. As athletes, we understand that it is a gift to be a Maverick athlete and it’s something that we take a great amount of pride.”

One last statement she wanted to add was an inspirational message to college students and athletes alike.

“My advice to anyone who lacks confidence in themselves is to remember that you are so much more than just your sport or your grades. There are so many other things that make you who you are and that makes you so special. That is something that my team understands. We are all different and unique and we each bring something different to contribute or make us a team. It is when we embrace these differences and truly be ourselves that we are best able to contribute to the group as a whole,” said Potter.

This season will be Potter’s third season as a softball player. The softball team will begin its season this Friday against Northwest Missouri State.

Header photo courtesy of MSU Athletics.

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