Upward Bound blood drive “A positive” impact

Hellen Akinyi
Staff Writer

Red Cross and Upward Bound organized a blood drive earlier this week in the ballroom.

The main purpose for the drive is to be able to collect as much blood as needed for all the patients. The hospitals have contracts for the blood taken at the drive, so they are then directly delivered to said hospitals. 

The goal was to collect at least 46 units of blood on this particular drive. Each drive has its’ own goals depending on different factors such as the urgency or the need.

Amber Swing who was the collection team supervisor said, “You never know when there’s going to be a national appeal, so it is always good to have enough blood any day, anytime. Just in case.”

By national appeal she means a circumstance that may cause hospitals to be in desperate need for blood. 

Swing talked about how easy the process is, as long as the tests done come back great and show that the person is healthy. They then can donate the blood.

Apart from that, the donors have to also fill out a 21-question questionnaire in order to provide background information about the particular donor before running a series of tests.

“I encourage anyone who knows they are healthy to come and try and see if they are eligible to donate blood. It is always nice whenever we have the blood drives and we see a great turn out,” Awing added.

She continued  by saying how important the whole drive is, and people may never know the impact they might have just by playing their part. 

Upward Bound were the sponsors of the blood drive, as they were in charge of everything. The Red Cross team just had to come and do their role which was to take the blood, having the entire process made easier for them.

Some of the few benefits for donating blood include being in good health and reduced risk of cancer hemochromatosis.

It also helps in reducing damage to the liver and the pancreas. Other benefits include improvement in cardiovascular health and also reducing obesity.

If you’d like to reap these benefits, donating blood is a rewarding experience. Not only that, but you are doing your part in actively saving lives.

And the various benefits listed are all the donor’s, but the main important one is to the receiver, who gets the blood.

Header photo: A Minnesota State University, Mankato student donates blood at an Upward Bound sponsored blood drive held at the Centennial Student Union Monday, Feb. 3, 2020 in Mankato, Minn. (Prasad Pol/MSU Reporter)

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