College students motivated to broaden horizons

Caita Pierson
Staff Writer

The Center of Education Abroad and Away hosted a National Study Abroad Day celebration in the Centennial Union Monday afternoon.

This day was marked with food, visits from faculty, and study abroad gear. A board outside the event asked the question “Where do you want to study abroad?” Students were asked to take a marker and write their dream study abroad location. Places such as Ireland, France, Mexico, and many others were listed.

The goal of this event was to encourage people to study abroad. Minnesota State University, Mankato prides itself on big ideas and real-world thinking. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to meet these goals.

Linda Zheng, a peer advisor with the Center of Education Abroad and Away, described the benefits of study abroad.

Zheng said,“It’s great for future employment on your resume and for cultural experience. You can talk about that for graduate school as an aspect of diversity”

There are many programs in which students can broaden their horizons. Students can choose from programs within the National Student Exchange, MNSU Exchange Programs, Partner Programs, and Faculty-led Programs. If there is a place someone wants to go, the Center of Education Abroad and Away can help find a good fit.

The first step for students who are interested in studying abroad is to contact the Center of Education Abroad and Away. There, students can meet with advisors to find a program they are interested in. Fall and Summer applications are due March 1 and Spring applications on Oct. 1.

For those fretting about the cost of travel, there are solutions. Financial aid is accepted for study abroad adventures. Scholarship opportunities are also available during February’s Scholarship Month. See for possible scholarships.

In conclusion, connect with the Center for Education Abroad and Away if at all interested. The center is located in Morris Hall room 3. It is open from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Header photo: Wade Davis, Assistant Professor of Business Law, speaks to students during National Study Abroad Day held in the Centennial Student Union Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 in Mankato, Minn. (Prasad Pol/MSU Reporter)

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