MNSU professor gives hygiene lesson due to Coronavirus

Michael McShane
News Editor

As COVID-19, known mostly as the coronavirus, is making news in the U.S. as new cases are appearing in multiple states, one MNSU teacher is making sure his students are prepared for Spring break next week.

College of Business Professor Shane Bowyer took time out of his “Principles of Management” course to get his students to understand the importance on personal hygiene and how to implement it both in their lives and in the business setting.

“It is a management class, so we want them to put themselves in the mindset of ‘Oh I’m running a company, I need to protect my customers and what do I need to do to take those steps’,” Bowyer said.

Students were put into eight groups and were tasked with listing multiple ways to support a healthy hygiene from the perspectives of both the customer and staff. While some answers were similar if not the same answers such as washing hands, workers wearing gloves, sanitizing areas and removing used magazines from waiting areas.

“So, if you think about washing your hands, you can wash your hands, but if you look at every one of these is it really feasible for you to stay away from germs?” Bowyer said.

After each group was done presenting, Bowyer spoke to his students about the Coronavirus directly and the student’s reaction to the virus. Many students gave a collective “no” for the question if they would change their daily routine due to the virus.

“I have made it this long,” one student said.

Many of the students were all in agreement that the media has overblown the severity of the coronavirus.

One student was planning to spend his spring break in Puerto Rico but was informed Tuesday that the trip was canceled due to worries over the Coronavirus. He believes that the university shouldn’t have canceled all international trips.

“There’s a million ways that someone could get injured or die, but you can’t just live in a little box,” he said.

Another student, has similar beliefs on the coronavirus and the media’s reaction to it. “I think it’s pretty serious, but I think the media has definitely blown it out of proportion,” he said.

One student believes that canceling international trips was a good idea to curb infections and keep people safe.

Arnavee Maltare, who will be going to Washington D.C. for spring break, believes that while the media has played a part in the fear of the new virus, it was to be expected because no cure is currently available.

“Since people travel all the time, people expect it to spread,” Maltare said.

While some people may be split on the reaction on the Coronavirus, it will not deter many of the students from enjoying spring break and not let the virus from ruining their one week of relaxation.

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