MNSU announces hybrid classes for Fall 2020

Maxwell Mayleben ® Editor in Chief |
Photo by Mansoor Ahmad ® Photo Editor |

Minnesota State University, Mankato has begun to release their “Return to Learn” plan for the 2020 Fall semester. The plan implements online learning options as well as new rules to adhere to CDC guidelines.  

In an email sent to all students on June 3, President Richard Davenport introduced the new hybrid learning model called “FlexSync”. FlexSync will be a way to make classes a hybrid, so that students are given the choice as to if they prefer to be in class or at home. Students that choose to stay at home will still be required to attend via Zoom meetings.  

According to the University’s website, there will be about 100 classrooms equipped to facilitate in-person and remote learning.  

In another update released by Davenport on June 10, the University will be requiring all students and faculty to wear a cloth mask while in shared locations around campus. This is adhering to guidelines that were released by the CDC for college campuses.  

Some students are not excited about having to wear a mask on campus. Ben Peter, a senior studying Business Management at MNSU, said, “Since they are doing the whole mask thing, I would rather stay at home and do the Zoom calls, just because it will be less of a hassle.” Peter also said that different majors may have more need for in person learning. “For business classes, a lot of them, you can do online,” said Peter.

While a cloth mask is required everywhere on campus, students living in the dorms will not be required to wear a mask while in their dorm room.

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