No Maverick sports this fall as NSIC suspends competition

Mel Stramm ® Sports Editor |

After the NCAA announced the cancellation of all fall championships for Division II this fall, the NSIC has now issued a statement canceling all fall competitions until the end of 2020.

In addition to making the health and safety of athletes a priority, the NSIC stated, “Current recommendations for testing, exposure, and quarantine make it very difficult for a season to be successfully completed at an institution or across the conference without severe disruptions.“

As for winter and spring sports, the NCAA and NSIC will continue to monitor the landscape, but for now we can unfortunately be sure that we won‘t get to watch any Maverick sports until 2021. 

It is up to the individual programs whether or not to continue practice and team activities, and questions about eligibility extensions are still out in the open. However, we can expect the NCAA to make similar decisions as they did for last year’s spring sports by allowing student athletes to come back for another year. 

Now all there is to do is wait and see what new developments will bring, as well as awaiting a statement from the WCHA.

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