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Student Events Team keeps movie goers happy amidst pandemic |

Amanda Filreis ® Staff Writer |

These are interesting times we are living in to say the least. There have been multiple changes made in a variety of areas, the movie theater is no exception. 

For the Stomper’s Cinema events that take place pretty much every weekend evening. Movies would be screened in the auditorium located in the Student Union, with free admission for the students. 

While the core has stayed the same when compared to the experience of last year, things have to change to match what’s needed at the time. Some of the more obvious ones are wearing masks during the events, staying six feet away from others, and screens placed in front of the concession stands.

 Cinema specific alterations involve buying tickets in advance to ensure that the new capacity limit isn’t exceeded among other reasons. 

When entering the auditorium, tickets have to be shown before entry can be permitted. The amount of people that can be in the auditorium at a time has naturally decreased. Before the beginning of the current semester, the school had removed some of the seats in said screening area to ensure a minimum of six feet between viewers was met.

The selection of the movies they present has also been impacted. One of the things the team has to keep in mind during the meetings is what their licensing provider has available for them. Rights are required to show any movie. During the Student Events Team weekly meetings, a selection of ten or so movies are brought in and voted on to help narrow down the candidates. Normally popular movies that haven’t yet been released for home release are the ones to be chosen. Due to recent events, things have become more complicated. Even getting the recent string of throwbacks has become trickier. Studios currently aren’t able to create & release new films as they have in the past.

When looking at the concessions, the only product that’s truly altered in anyway is the popcorn. The popcorn was popped fresh during the events during the previous years. As of now, the popcorn they sell has to be premade in bags that are seemingly larger than they were before. 

“These changes are necessary but tricky sometimes,” commented Lily Koch, Student Events team member, when asked about her thoughts about the current state of affairs. 

The changes don’t seem to have an impact student’s decision to attend. The price is just right for them. Especially since it’s much cheaper when compared to other movie theater franchises. 

It does take some getting used to but it’s perfectly understandable. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes.

“We try to keep things as normal as possible,” team member Will Keebler said. “As long as you got your mask and ticket, you should have a nice time.” 

Header photo: Stomper’s Cinema is now open for MNSU students following COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. This photo was taken before the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Student Events Team) 

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