The wonders of Minneopa

Mohamed Sekkat ® News Editor |
Photos by Kjerstin Hall ® Staff Writer |

The Land of 10,000 lakes has been offered a lot more than just lakes by mother nature.

Have you heard of Minneopa State Park? If you haven’t, and if you’re a fan of spending time outdoors, this is your lucky day. 

Minneopa State Park is home to the largest waterfall in southern Minnesota, and to a herd of the biggest mammal in North America the Bison. 

This State Park in total has an area of 58 acres and has two access points; the first access point is off County Highway 69 leading you straight to the breathtaking sight of the waterfall. 

On this side of the park, you can hike a half-mile trail that leads you in and out of the basin of the waterfall from where you can see water drop down from a height of 50 feet. This trail also contains an active Beaver colony. 

The second side of this park is right off Highway 68 and takes you straight to the Bison Range. 

On this side of the park you will be able to take a leisure drive through the Bison Range and get a close-up look at the herd. 

Visitors can also drive up to the historic Seppmann Grist Mill. This mill is names after a German immigrant from the 1800s who became a stonemason in Blue Earth County. With the help of some people, he was able to build the mill that stnads tody.

 It is also highly recommended to pack a picnic lunch for you and your friends to enjoy out at the prairie or right by the waterfall, that is up to you to decide! Don’t hesitate, go check it out!

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