Kwik Trip gets a makeover

Julia Barton ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Mansoor Ahmad ® Photo Editor |

It’s been bulldozed and rebuilt. And now the all-new Kwik Trip near Minnesota State University, Mankato is ready for customers.

The decade-old building has been remodeled, and now the new space, called “The Market,” is more spacious and equipped with tons of new features. The gas pumping station is still under construction.

This store, located on Monks Avenue, is believed to be one of the most popular locations in the city of Mankato. The store continuously draws in many customers due to its convenient location next to campus as well as many of the surrounding residents. 

Store Leader, Luke Novosad, has been a loyal employee for about two and a half years. His role as the store leader includes “basically everything,” he says.

Hiring, schedule writing, keeping up with stock and ordering supplies are some of the duties that come with being a store leader. Novosad says he is looking forward to people coming into the new and up-to-date building. 

Sampling is now one of Kwik Trips new strategies to attract more customers. This allows customers to try the newest products at the market. Some items include the take home meals that are exclusive to this location. Meatloaf, fried chicken, and enchiladas are just a few examples of the quick and ready meals available that range from five to seven dollars.

“This store is much bigger and great,” student Aya Shaw said. “It’s like a small Walmart.” 

The new Kwik Trip Market also includes fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products. The store is also equipped with more coffee machines, smoothie and malt makers, and coolers to store more products.

The store also sells an abundance of breakfast pastries such as donuts and cinnamon rolls, as well as desserts and bakery goods such as brownies and cookies. 

Carter Hubener, a freshman, said, “I think the new Kwik Trip looks more modern and innovated.”

Providing MNSU students and the community with their everyday needs, this new and improved Kwik Trip Market seems to be booming with business. The Market is now in search of new staff members to keep up with the high demand from consumers. 

“Hiring new staff members is at the top of the list,” added Novosad

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