Aspiring musician’s experience graduating during pandemic

Destiny Kempf ® Staff Writer |

Graduating during a pandemic is not ideal for anyone. Losing the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive the full recognition for all the hard work can be very discouraging.

In spite of these challenges, Raghen Lucy graduated amidst the pandemic and has gone on to work on creating and performing music. 

Still, it was not easy. Lucy struggled communicating to her professors about important finals but ultimately graduated from MNSU last spring with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Through this time, Lucy said she gained a strong sense of independence. 

“It’s my responsibility to get me to graduate no matter what is going on outside,” she said. 

She says the most important thing she learned from this experience is how vital it is to be able to adapt to any situation. Additionally, she commented how, “leaning on friends is so important.”

One of Lucy’s favorite accomplishments was being accepted into the Wisconsin Philosophical Association conference last spring. She was almost in disbelief that she was accepted, but overjoyed, nonetheless.

Currently, Lucy is working at the mall in Mankato, hoping to save money to continue her education. “I’m trying to navigate this crazy world as everyone else,” she said. She plans on obtaining a PhD in Philosophy to help her get accepted into law school. 

Lucy is also a practicing musician, and during this time she has been exploring alternative ways to promote her music. 

“I can’t remember the last time I did a live show,” she said. 

Because of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Lucy has been practicing her music from home and embracing the use of online platforms, such as livestreams on social media platforms. All the same, Lucy hopes to jump back into live performances when it becomes safer to do so.

When asked what advice she would want to give to current students at Mankato, Lucy emphasized how important it is to be cautious. “Stay safe and stay inside and wear masks because you can’t pursue anything if you’re sick.” 

“Keep the end goal in mind: Remember why you started the major in the first place,” she added. 

Lucy also suggested students take advantage of campus and community resources, as they can be a great help during unprecedented times.

Header photo courtesy of Raghen Lucy.

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