Student Government: Online teaching and senator elections

Jenna Peterson ® News Editor |
Photo by Prasad Pol ® Staff Photographer

Last night, the MNSU Student Government discussed numerous topics concerning the campus and student life. Presentations were made by campus faculty and there were also a few senator elections held as well. 

The first presentation was made by Dr. Jennifer Veltos, who discussed the challenges and changes that have taken place with the ways the faculty are teaching their students. This includes various training programs that teach different ways to present a class online. 

A large way this problem is being addressed is with the Faculty Peer Coach Program. This was created over the summer and is based on the feedback from faculty and student surveys that were sent out. 

While talking about this new method of teaching, Veltos expressed, “Not everybody was prepared to teach online, nobody knew what teaching in a FlexSync classroom would look like.”

Around 15 faculty members researched the best way for professors to teach online. This helped make the transition easier for the professors and even gave out some tips and pointers to help make everything go by smoothly

“We are trying to figure out the things that work and how we can spread those out further,” Veltos expressed while in discussion about the different ways faculty can reach out to students and get them to actively learn. 

Another point that was brought up during the meeting was the number of COVID cases on campus and how the University is handling this. As of last night, the number of positive cases went down from 65 to 44, still leaving the campus safety level at ‘yellow’. 

This means that on campus, the number of positive cases is high enough to require face coverings, social distancing, daily screenings for all who step foot on campus, and limited on-campus events. The University has been on this safety level since classes began five weeks ago.

Another important aspect that was brought to attention during the meetings was the committee meetings taking place about online differentials. Members within the government expressed the importance of students voicing their concern with where their money is going, and in order to help make that knowledge clear, students should contact the government and discuss this issue further. 

Student Government President Andrew Trenne added, “This can also help determine where student’s money will be directed next semester and how much they’ll have to pay. Please reach out to us in order to help not only you, but all students.”

In regard to the elections, there were four new senators voted in. The newest Residential Life Senator to be welcomed into the government was Patrick Flynn, who vowed to help create a positive experience for those students who live in the dorms.

Following Flynn, the Off-Campus Senators who was elected was Jack Wheeler, who is involved with many other campus organizations and wants to help students have their voices heard and fight for the best experience they can have.

For the College of Business Senator position, Manav Mendonca was voted in without any competition.

Lastly, Minahil Khan was elected as one of the College of Science, Engineering & Technology Senators.

The next Student Government meeting will be held next Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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