WoW Continues With Floats, Votes and BINGO!

Bailey Brendel ® Staff Writer |

“Floats and Votes,” BINGO, Halloween decorating and crafts are on tap for this week’s What’s on Wednesday. 

What’s on Wednesday is a Residential Life initiative to engage students during the new normal of students being confined to dorm rooms.

This week, Stadium Heights Apartments and the McElroy Residential halls will be holding an event called “Floats and Votes.” At this event, students will be able to chow down on a root beer float while getting registered to vote for the next election. 

This WoW will be huge as it is crucial for students to learn the importance of voting and how they can get registered to vote. If you’re already registered or don’t want to register, you can still come grab a float.  

Preska residents will be decorating hallways for the Halloween season this Wednesday. Come decorate the halls with wall and window decorations to put a spooky spin on the Preska dorms. 

Crawford residents this week will be doing clay and craft projects. Participants can enjoy snacks and good company while learning how to make cool crafts with clay. 

According to Crawford resident Jacob Brangitsch, “I think the events are a great way to meet other people on your floor. I went to the Volleyball WoW last week. It was pretty fun, and I met a lot of people.” 

“BINGO!” is what you will hear if you stop by the Julia Sears residential hall this week. Students can stop by and play a few rounds of Bingo with friends while enjoying snacks. There will also be a chance for everyone to win prizes. 

Meeting new people is always difficult, but in the current state we are in, it is so much harder to build lasting connections. “I think the WoWs are more important now with COVID going on because it’s a drive to get people out of their dorms,” says Brangitsch. 

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