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Photo by Dearest Welwolie ® Staff Photogapher

Residence Hall Association (RHA), is the campus-wide government for students living in the residents community. The RHA’s main goal is to support and ensure the success of Minnesota State University, Mankato’s residence hall students.

All residence hall students are members of the RHA. They also have representatives from each floor community, including the Stadium Heights buildings, to voice opinions of concerns or issues regarding their environment and living conditions. These opinions and concerns are then heard by Residential Life and MNSU administration.

The RHA has weekly meetings 4 p.m. Mondays via Zoom. Every member of the residence community is able to attend and take part in these meetings as well as bring any problems about living on campus to light.

This meeting is led by the executive board of student leaders that is elected by the RHA Assembly.

“I joined the RHA board because I wanted to help the student body that lives on campus. Also to help out the community in some way instead of sitting back and doing nothing.” Zane Sadauskis, a member of the executive board and MNSU sophomore. 

Other responsibilities the exec board has include programming and hosting events throughout the school year. 

RHA holds events throughout the year while promoting a safe and positive place for the residence communities. An example of events they held in the past was the welcome week’s volleyball tournament. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, welcome week activities were altered to ensure all MNSU students maintained good health during the pandemic.

“My experience at Stadium Heights has been really good. It is a very nice space overall and has easy access to maintenance. I have attended two or three of the meetings but it was mainly in the first month, they were very informational about who to contact if I had any issues,” MNSU freshman Maddie Quinn said. 

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Header photo: A student studies in the lobby of the Preska Residence Community on campus Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 in Mankato. (Dearest Welwolie/The Reporter)

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