A Day in the Life: Zoom Classes, Coffee Runs and Part-Time Jobs

Ashley Opina ® Staff Writer |

Alarm clocks, meditation and coffee on the go are just a few things Minnesota State University, Mankato junior, Maddy Loch begins her day with. 

On days where she’s scheduled to work, her day starts around 9 a.m. But on days she allows herself to sleep in, Loch rolls out of bed around 11 a.m. Shortly after waking, she meditates. 

“It’s something I’ve been trying to get into,” Loch says. “It’s a good way to start the morning.” 

She also believes in the power of a good skin care regime. 

“I love my skincare routine,” she says. “I always stick to that every morning.” 

Once she has completed her morning rituals, Loch keeps it moving. During the week, she attends class either in person or virtually through Zoom. Due to COVID-19, only one of her classes is held in person Monday mornings. The rest of her classes are online. 

Loch says the coursework is straightforward and repetitive.

“It’s a lot of weekly discussion posts and quizzes on D2L,” says Loch. “It’s hard to retain information that way. … I wish I had more classes in person because I learn better that way.” 

She finds being in a classroom setting helps her learn because it forces her to pay attention through interacting with her professor and fellow students — especially as a communication studies major, where her discipline revolves around interacting with others. The lack of an established schedule with online classes also causes her to procrastinate, which she says rarely happens when her classes are in person. 

Aside from school, Loch spends most of her days working at downtown Mankato’s Union Market.  

“I’m there from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m,” Loch said. “I usually pick up coffee from River Rock Coffee before work since it’s right next door.” 

Although she works long hours, she says she enjoys her job. The environment she works in is down to earth and laid back, which is reflective of Loch’s personality. Her employer also allows her a flexible schedule and rarely interferes with her other obligations such as school and photography gigs.

“Sometimes, I have shoots afterwards,” Loch said, referring to the photo shoots she holds after her shifts at the Union Market. “I’ve been trying to plan more of them on Sunday’s or Monday’s when I don’t work so it fits my schedule better.” 

Loch has been a photographer for three years and has been honing her craft ever since. 

When not working, Loch spends her time catching up with friends.  

“I have my three roommates who I hang out with,” Loch said. “We have movie nights and hit up the mall.” 

Loch also spends time with her close friend, Molly Gruszynski. “We go to the park or we’ll go for walks or find something random to do to get out of the house.” 

“I also attend the Her Campus meetings and socials,” said Loch. As the Associate Editor for Her Campus Magazine, a recognized student organization at MNSU, she spends time with the other members every week.  

However, she currently keeps her interactions with people to a minimum in order to protect her health and the health of others.  

As for hobbies, Loch tries to incorporate reading, painting, playing the ukulele and learning about crystals throughout her day. At night, her guilty pleasure has been watching “Love Island” to unwind. After a full day, she prefers to watch something lighthearted.  

“It keeps my mind occupied but I don’t have to use much brain power to do it,” said Loch.

Header photo courtesy of Maddy Loch’s Facebook page.

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