Student Pick Dining Hall Faves

Destiny Kempf ® Staff Writer |

When it comes to cafeteria food, everyone’s got their favorite. For Minnesota State University, Mankato student Becca Walsh, it’s the ice cream.

“This is probably my favorite,” the MNSU student said. “It kind of slaps.” 

Multiple other students agreed with her. 

With two different ice cream and two different sherbet flavors — all occasionally rotating — the ice cream station always seems to be hopping. Some students make an ice cream run at every meal. 

With constant long lines, it’s easy to tell the deli is a favorite for students to get a quick meal. A sandwich or a wrap is so customizable with the varying meats, vegetables, and sauces, and an easy go-to when nothing else looks appealing.  

MNSU student Zach Sheinman said his favorite meal option is the grilled cheese, as did many others, some specifying that it was best with the tomato basil soup. As a simple comfort food, the grilled cheese seems to be an easy draw for many students when it comes around on the rotation every week. 

Another popular dish among students tends to be any “fun” cut french fries. Whether waffle, curly, smiley, or thick cut, students tend to gravitate toward different fry cuts that they don’t see every day. Not to say that the regular cut fries aren’t enjoyed, as MNSU’s fries are always cooked well and enjoyed by many students, but a “fun” cut is almost guaranteed to draw in more hungry students. 

Another popular answer among students was the chicken nuggets from the grill line, which visibly rings true on nugget days; that line tends to be a long one.  

Student Alec Gullerud mentioned the gyros hosted at Classics a week or so ago, stating they “slapped,” which was echoed by fellow students. The day they were served, Oct. 4, was National Taco Day, and the dining hall served many types of “tacos,” including dessert tacos at creations. 

Many students were also fans of the mashed potatoes, reiterating that they would eat most any meal that included mashed potatoes. 

The Dining Center has many options, many of which are widely enjoyed by students. There are, however, a handful that many seem to drift towards when they are available, some common comforts enjoyed holistically.

Header photo courtesy of the University Dining Center Facebook page.

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