The Best Places on Campus to Study Amidst Pandemic

Amanda Filreis ® Staff Writer |
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At this point in the semester, many students have already picked out some great spots for them to study and get their homework done. After asking around, one of the most popular study locations on campus is the Centennial Student Union, and it’s a favorite for numerous reasons.

“I like that it’s close to the food for when I get hungry,” said Minnesota State University, Mankato student Sam Ladendorf when asked about why it’s a favorite. 

Fellow student Jack Wolbaum, when asked the same thing, stated, “It’s comfy and the scenery helps keep me motivated.” 

Another great reason for studying in the CSU is because of the subtle noises in the background. “There’s a good amount of sound so that it isn’t distracting but also helps keep me alert,” said student Ellie Sass, who also commented on how the CSU is a strong choice since you can catch the bus when needed. This, however, is just one of the many locations that was selected. 

Another student favorite is the campus library located just across the walkway from the CSU. There are numerous spots that draw students to this specific spot. 

“I like the second floor of the library for the silence. It helps me focus and get work done,” said student Molly Hill when asked why she tends to study in the library. 

With the four levels in the library, it’s easy to find a location that works for you. Each floor holds a different noise level, allowing students to choose what kind of environment they want to work in. “I like the quieter levels, since that’s how I’m able to study,” stated Bonnie Monindi.  

This particular sector also offers the study corrals, which are sectioned off rooms for groups to study in, for those who are interested. 

While studying on campus is good for convenience, there are many other options that are a bit further away from campus, but are well worth the trip. 

It isn’t always easy to travel around. Not everyone has a car and the buses can only take you so far. There is also the fact that the weather might not be ideal for travel. For those who do venture off campus, the most popular areas to veer towards are the plentiful coffee houses in the area. 

Caribou and Starbucks are two such places where students like to get their caffeine and get to work on their studies. 

“I like the change in scenery and the selection of refreshments to help keep me focused and alert,” MSU student Emely Lopez stated. 

More local and small-business locations include Fillin’ Station Coffeehouse, located on South Front Street. 

“I think that it’s cute and the atmosphere helps to keep me motivated,” stated MNSU student Kennedee Weber. 

Getting through school is not always easy, and some study environments work better than others. For some students, it takes time and trial and error to find a perfect place for them to study, and that’s normal. The important thing is that we do whatever is best for while staying open to new experiences.

Header photo: The CSU is a student favorite for studying and socializing on campus.

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