Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Big on Philanthropy, Bonding

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Greek organizations on college campuses are known for their philanthropy. And for Minnesota State University, Mankato junior Brianna Pietsch, the reputation at Alpha Chi Omega was part of the reason she joined.

 “I love the girls, and the philanthropy is just amazing to see especially when we can see it ourselves,” she said.

Every chapter in MNSU’s Greek life has a philanthropy, or a charitable project, and for Alpha Chi Omega that is Domestic Violence Awareness. The groups hold events to spread awareness of those impacted by domestic violence, and work to help survivors of domestic violence. 

“I joined Alpha Chi to meet new people,” said Payton Decker. “Freshman year I met a group of Alpha Chi’s for coffee and walked away knowing this chapter was the right place for me. This is my last year in the chapter, and I can say that it was the right decision for me because I am walking away with so many lifelong friendships and leadership experiences to use on my resume.” 

Alpha Chi Omega holds many events including sisterhoods, where all the girls get together for a bonding day, Greek Week and Homecoming activities. One of the most memorable events every sorority participates in is Big Little Week. 

During this week, all the new members are given a Big, or an older girl, who serves as a mentor during their time in the sorority. Throughout the week, Littles receive presents and clues to try to guess who their “big” is. At the end of the week, there is a fun activity that leads up to the reveal. 

“My favorite memory so far has to be the Big Little Week when I got my Little,” said student Mackenzie Jackson. “Giving her special presents and then the reveal that I am her big was such a great feeling.” 

Because of COVID, this year’s recruitment will be a little bit different. Greek Life will be doing informal recruitment. This means that instead of doing the formal rush week, chapters can, throughout the semester, hold recruitment events for potential new members, and hand out bids informally. 

According to Chelsie Bath, senior VP of recruitment, Chelsie Bath, “It’s more intimate I would say because the COBs that we can have in person are limited to attendance, so it would be five members to one potential new member.” 

This recruitment method allows potential new members to fully get to know the sorority they are joining in a more intimate setting.  

Within the past month, Alpha Chi Omega has hosted many events, including a pumpkin-painting event, and they also have many events planned for the remainder of the semester. 

“We are having our sisterhood retreat this coming Wednesday, and I think we’re just doing a projector movie outside. So we’re still trying to keep everyone in touch but also following the CDC social distance guidelines,” says Bath.  

If you are thinking about joining but you may have doubts if a sorority is the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Greek Life members.

“You don’t want to look back and think about what you could have done,” says Bath. 

If you are interested in joining Alpha Chi Omega, contact Bath at 920-680-7925 or at

Header photo courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega.

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