Looking for Fall Fun? There’s Plenty Around ‘Kato

If you’re from Minnesota, you might take for granted the glory and wonder of autumn.

But if you’re not …

“Before moving to the United States, I wouldn’t really have been able to answer this question,” Yassin Saho, a second-year pre-nursing student said.  

According to Saho, her home country doesn’t really experience the different seasons, much like most countries in Africa. “I think my favorite activity during fall is sitting on my bed and drinking hot apple cider,” she added. (She’s not alone. Eight out of nine students asked said they like the tasty fall beverage.)

Another activity students seem to enjoy in the fall is going to pumpkin patches and taking fun pictures.  

“Pumpkin patches are really pretty, and during fall, it’s like everything just kind of comes together with the colors and everything looks cute,” MNSU student Kellonie Brisette said.  

With the temperatures still at a comfortable level, there are students who also enjoy hiking during this time of the year. 

“A good hike is also one of my to go activities during fall,” added Brisette. “I love going hiking and being able to find new hiking trails, and they always look prettier during fall too.”  

Whether you like to spend some time relaxing inside or going out for an adventure, there is something for everyone to enjoy during the fall season.  

“We actually went to the apple orchard farm in Belle Plaine,” MNSU student Nyamal Jang said. “My best friend and I have never been there and we went there over the weekend, it was actually fun.” 

If you are new to Mankato, and don’t know what to do during fall, and just a homebody but would love to do some sightseeing, here are a few things you can do and enjoy:  

Emma Krumbees apple orchard in Belle Plaine: A little over a 40-minute drive away, Emma Krumbee’s is a place where you can pick apples, ride trucks and get a tour of the place, taste raspberries and also buy a pumpkin if you still need one. 

Jim’s Apple Farm: Need a pumpkin? Head north to Jim’s Apple Farm.

A scenic drive to a “big yellow barn” where every pumpkin is $4. Also, they have the largest selection of candy as Minnesota’s largest candy store is located there.  

Leaf-gazing at Minneopa: Gaze at the last gasp of a fall-color season for the ages, and oh yeah, there are bison there. And baby bison. You might need to pay a few bucks for access, but it’s worth it.

Apples at Welsh Heritage Fame: They’ve got apples, cider, and most importantly, apple cider doughnuts to die for.

Header photo: Fallen leaves cover the campus with fall colors during the early weeks of autumn in Mankato. (Kjerstin Hall/The Reporter)

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