The Hunt is On: It All Starts Monday!

The first clue in Minnesota State University, Mankato’s annual Homecoming Medallion Hunt will be announced Monday, with the hunt taking place throughout Homecoming week until the medallion is found.

“The Medallion Hunt has been a tradition at MNSU for a number of years, and despite the current circumstances with COVID, we want to keep that tradition alive,” Student Events Team member Ella May said. “The hunt will run the same as years past with one clue being released each day on our Instagram page.” 

Just like previous years, the hunt includes prizes and coupons for the student(s) who finds the medallion first. For those who aren’t quite caught up with the MNSU traditions, here’s a brief run down of what to expect from this event. 

The medallion is hidden somewhere on campus. Clues will be posted one at a time online with a range of prizes and coupons to be won. 

“I would definitely encourage my friends to join in. I think I’ll even join them,” said MNSU student Anna Cihak. 

Naturally, there are a few rules contestants need to abide by. As stated on the Student Events Team’s website, the medallion won’t be located inside any buildings, construction areas or any area of campus you couldn’t normally get to, including the Amos Owen Garden of American Indian Horticulture. The hunt is only open to MNSU students. Finding the medallion will require no digging or climbing. 

If found, the medallion needs to be returned to the Centennial Student Union room 173. After that, the winner(s) will be announced. 

With COVID-19 still being a factor, students are asked to stay six feet apart whenever possible and wear face masks while indoors or when distancing can’t be maintained. Wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer often. While students may form teams during the search, only one person from the team may claim the prize. The team decides how the winnings are distributed. The prizes are still to be determined so stay tuned for that.

Header photo: The Medallion is always hidden somewhere on campus for students to find during the week of the Homecoming. (Photo courtesy of MNSU)

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