Biden Attacks Trump on COVID Response, Civil Unrest in Minn. Stop

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a “drive-in event” in St. Paul last friday. The event was held in the parking lot of the Minnesota State Fair.

In order to ensure social distancing at the event, attendees parked their own cars in the lot while the democratic presidential candidate spoke. 

Jessica Intermill, an advocate for Biden, addressed the crowd first. She spoke about her experience living with rheumatoid arthritis, and how the Affordable Care Act has played an integral part in her treatment. 

The Affordable Care Act has long been a point of debate between the candidates. President Donald Trump has continuously opposed it and Biden supports it. 

“I’m here to tell you,” said Intermill, “if we elect Joe Biden, we will have an ally in the White House, instead of an adversary.”

Biden was then introduced and walked onto the stage to address the attendees. 

He spoke to the shortfalls of the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, referencing COVID-related deaths.

He then criticized Trump’s statements implying healthcare workers were inflating the number of COVID deaths.

“They do their job,” said Biden, in reference to healthcare professionals, “Donald Trump should stop attacking and start doing his job.”

Biden bought up Trump’s interview with journalist Bob Woodward, where the president admitted to knowing how dangerous the virus could be in January. 

“He did nothing, he did nothing at all,” said Biden. 

The former vice president then discussed how he would have handled the pandemic.

“I’m not going to shut down the economy,” Biden said, attempting to fight a commonly held argument against him, “I’m going to shut down the virus.”

Tax returns were then brought up, with Biden promising no tax raises for those making less than $400,000 annually, as well as attacking Trump’s tax return.

“Why should you pay more in taxes than Donald Trump pays?” said Biden “I’ve released 22 years’ worth of my tax returns, he’s not released one single year.”

Being a short distance from the location where George Floyd was killed by law enforcement in May, Biden spoke to racial justice issues. 

“Protesting and burning and looting is not protesting, it’s violence, clear and simple, and will not be tolerated,” said Biden about the unrest following Floyd’s death, “but these protests are a cry for help.”

The Democratic nominee also spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting in this election. 

“I believe, when you use your power, the power to vote, it will change the course of this country and the course of history,” he said.

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