Some Indoor Activities for the Cold Weather

Winter is slowly approaching, and with social distancing there are few activities that people can take part in to have fun and stay sane. 

Although it has been difficult to adjust from doing in-person activities, many Minnesota State University, Mankato students have been getting creative throughout quarantine. 

“We can’t really have parties, so my friends and I have been having Netflix watch parties,” MNSU student Najat Nin said. 

Nin continued to explain how her and her friends use the Netflix watch party in order for all of them to watch the same movie together on all their accounts. Through this, they are also able to chat on the side while watching the movie.

This method is a great way for people to be able to hang out with their friends while still being socially distancing, since everyone will be in the comfort of their own room and spaces.  

“Some days we decide to have themes, just to make it fun,” added Nin. 

Virtual game nights have slowly become the top entertaining activity to do during quarantine, and now that the cold is here, no one thinks it’ll stop. Games like Among Us, where anyone can play as long as they have a stable internet connection, are gaining popularity.  

MNSU student Jai Jerbich talked about how he makes Tik Toks for entertaining himself and his friends. “Making Tik Toks is pretty fun and you can even do it without having friends over. Y’all can just duet each other’s videos or make transitions.”

Despite being in quarantine for months on end, online activities are still keeping students entertained.

Virtual parties, especially over Zoom, have also gained popularity over the months. With disco lights as well as most students have LED lights in their rooms, making the environment seem like a club. So they still get to have fun, but safely and still stay warm. 

Another activity for students can be a virtual studying session with other friends or classmates. This helps people stay inside during the colder weather and focus on their schoolwork, which can be difficult during this time.

All of these are great to distract your mind from everything going on, and it also allows you to connect with friends while being COVID-19 safe.

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