Classes To Move Completely Online After Thanksgiving Break

Minnesota State University, Mankato will be transitioning completely online post Thanksgiving holiday break starting on November 30 as final exams and classes for the Fall 2020 semester will continue as they move online and via Zoom, as stated by President Davenport.

As the global pandemic that is COVID-19 has forced many college campuses to host classes completely online already, MNSU has also been taking the precautions to host most of their classes online or via zoom during the fall semester. 

As Thanksgiving break approaches fast, students are able to choose to either stay in the dorms through finals week and the rest of the 2020 year, but most are getting ready to move out of the dorms and head home. 

“I’m honestly going home to save some money,” Chloe Banken, freshman at MNSU said.

If students choose to go back home they will receive a refund that is calculated and processed by Residential Life. Depending on which residence hall you live in determines how much you will be refunded as different halls have different costs.

“I will be going home after break since we’re going online. I’ll get over $400 back and also get to spend time with family,” said Gracie Siegler, a freshman at MNSU.

Saving money is a common reason why most students at MNSU will be going home for the remainder of the fall semester.

“I live in Preska and I’m going home since there is a big refund for leaving,” Jack Wohnoutka, freshman at MNSU said.

Sophie Littman, a freshman at MNSU added onto this by saying, “I will be going home after Thanksgiving break because of the refund they give you for your housing and the meal plan.”

MNSU’s campus will still be open for the students who decide to stay on campus

during the two weeks after Thanksgiving break.

“I would like to stay on campus then go back home because I’ve made so many friends here and I like the aspect of living on my own and doing my own thing,” Cloey Traxler, freshman at MNSU said.

Students and faculty who are attending in-person classes and FlexSync courses will also transition online and via zoom after Thanksgiving break. Other in-person classes such as labs, clinicals and other events will be available remotely or proceed in alternative ways.

While the University is unsure if in-person school will continue during the spring semester, all classes will be completely online for the remaining weeks following Thanksgiving break. 

Students and faculty can expect a plan possibly over winter break while waiting to see if in-person or online will be the way the spring semester will go.

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