Students Excited to Be Back After Lackluster Winter Break

Julia Barton ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Mansoor Ahmad ® Photo Editor |

Students of Minnesota State University, Mankato return back on campus after winter break as the spring 2021 semester started Jan. 11.

Following a long winter break most students have returned to campus after spending time at home with family and friends over the holiday season.

“Over winter break I spent a lot of time with family and friends and also took a trip to Duluth,” Maya Keaveny, freshman at MNSU said.

Sophie Littman, freshman at MNSU, said,“I spent Christmas in an airport this year trying to get to Florida. My flight with Spirit airlines got so mixed up and delayed for hours and I ended up sleeping at the airport into Christmas Day.”

The whole state of Minnesota, however, prohibited indoor dining in restaurants throughout the holiday season making this year’s New Year’s Eve a staying at home event.

Although restaurants were open for takeout, students were still able to enjoy their meals at home with loved ones.

“I hung out with friends over break and took a day trip to downtown Minneapolis to have fun and take pictures,” Lexi Kvistad, freshman at MNSU said.

Student Kaleb McDonald said, “The most fun thing I did over break was going ice skating with my girlfriend.”

“The best part of break for me was having my entire family home and getting to spend time with them,” Carter Hubener, freshman at MNSU stated.

Getting back into a regular routine as classes begin to start online as well as limited in-person classes on campus, students can expect this semester to carry on as usual.

Student Kaitylyn Swaney said,“I’m glad to be back on campus and get back to a good schedule. I didn’t do much over break with everything going on.” 

“Over break I hung out with my friends a lot and spent most of winter break together before we all went back to school. One thing I’m looking forward to most this semester is getting to know more people since this is my first semester here at MNSU,” Grace Sieber, freshman at MNSU said.

Restaurants are predicted to open back up on Jan. 11. Limited indoor seating and social distancing will remain in place as expected as restaurant owners can start to serve customers inside during the colder winter season.

“Something I am excited for this semester is meeting new people,” Ashley Rademacher, freshman at MNSU said.

MNSU students are starting to appear back on campus as most are back living in the dorms and some students staying at home continuing their spring semester online.

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