Senator Spotlight: Rediet Abera

Rediet Abera, a junior at Minnesota State University, Mankato, currently serves the Student Government as one of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senators. Abera is double majoring in Psychology and Child Development. 

Alongside Student Government, Abera is involved in many other campus activities. She also serves the role of Ethiopian Association President, is a part of the Diversity and Inclusion, as well as being involved with the Student Health Services committees.  

Abera talked about why she took on such an important role and joined Student Government, 

“I’m really interested in helping students, as well as engaging with students on campus and off campus. I’m also a part of the student population, so I would like to see what challenges others are facing and what they need to help them out in any way I can,” said the Senator. 

Senator Abera’s project for the year is still under wraps. She is working alongside fellow Social and Behavioral Science Senator Youssef Elssaadi to communicate with the college’s Dean on how they can help the students in the college succeed. 

The two are looking at what students within that specific college are struggling with and what resources and new ideas they can bring to help these students succeed. 

While being involved in Student Government, Senator Abera has learned many life lessons. 

“Being in Student Government has built my confidence. I am now able to express what I feel, and I’m so happy that I get to work with students. I also have the great opportunity to meet so many new people that are now my best friends and my role models too, so being in this Student Organization has helped me a lot.” 

Senator Abera has lots to say when it comes to recruiting other fellow students to join this organization.

“I would let anyone know that the Student Government here at MNSU will allow them to figure out what they want to do in the future, who they are, and how they can change themselves into a better person.”

She continued with, “I really encourage people to get involved, as it will also help them learn about different activities happening around the campus community, what kind of events they can get involved with and who they can contact whenever they’re in need.” 

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