4 reasons to go on a solo day trip

There are two types of people that exist during spring break: those who go on vacation, and those who look longingly at their social media from home all week. 

Whether it be for financial reasons, can’t get off work, or for safety during the pandemic, there are a multitude of logistical reasons to not go on a week-long beach excursion. 

That being said, there is another way to scratch that traveler’s itch while remaining safe and not breaking the bank: a solo day trip

With the pandemic going on, it is sometimes crucial to get out and escape the normal day to day life. 

Whether you are going on a quick trip up to St. Peter to visit some local shops and take a walk through their park, heading to Minneapolis to walk around Minnehaha Falls, or even taking the  drive up to Duluth, here are four reasons why you should take a solo trip that only lasts one day. 

1. Time Commitment

Most of the time, travel usually takes a whole weekend, or even a whole week. This length of time is often almost impossible to explain to an employer and even harder to allow to explain the lack of money going into the bank account. 

Making the trip only one day means that you can simply take one day off during the work week and not have to worry about your boss getting mad, and your paycheck taking a much less significant hit. 

2. It won’t dent the bank account

During travel, the two main costs are transportation and lodging. Obviously, when it comes to any travel, transportation costs will not go away. But paying for that expensive hotel bill can really hurt the bank account, especially when you make your stay longer. 

Because you won’t be staying overnight, you can forget that lodging cost entirely. Also, because you won’t be traveling as far, you can count on probably only filling up one tank of gas, maybe two. Then, the only cost you have on top of that is for whatever you want to do while you are at your location, whether that is coffee, lunch, or dinner. 

3. It’s about as safe as can be during the pandemic

Obviously, one of the biggest topics on people’s minds when it comes to travel is the question of safety. For a solo day trip, most of your time will be alone in your car on your way to the destination. Once you get where you are going, depending on the activities you choose, you can hypothetically remain socially distant and safe the whole time. 

Some activities that keep you socially distant and safe can be often found in the outdoors. Going on a hike in a beautiful location or just walking down the street in a small town, there is a very low chance of coming in close contact with anyone.

4. It is important to take some alone time

A solo day trip is extremely beneficial as a time to reflect on everything going on in life. Contemplate those things you haven’t wanted to think about. Not too often in our busy lives do we really take the time to focus on ourselves and really work on internal self care. 

A full day of exploring, feeling lost, and being truly independent is a godsend when it comes to remembering who we are, and asking who we want to be. 

Solo travel is a great way to fill that travel bug without having to stress about the financial, work related, and social difficulties that come with normal travel.

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