Editorial: The pandemic isn’t over; protect yourself for normalcy

As students are getting back in the swing of things post-spring break, it’s important to remember the safety precautions set in place to keep Minnesota State University, Mankato students and the Mankato community safe and healthy.

Our positive COVID-19 cases here on campus are relatively low, with the MNSU website stating there are currently 13 as of March 24. We are so close to having zero cases on campus and there are numerous ways to help lower that number.

The best chance of stopping the virus spreading around is receiving your COVID-19 vaccine, whether it be the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson and Johnson. Each vaccine differs slightly and will give you different side effects, meaning it’s worthwhile to research which one would work best for you.

Mankato has been opening up more places that offer these vaccines, and you can register for this opportunity through your workplace or throw your name in to the Minnesota Department of Health to be randomly selected.

As always, you should be getting tested for the virus if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed by someone else. If you went on a trip, whether it be solo or with friends, it would be smart to follow through with a test.

Even though the University provided free testing on campus earlier this week, there are other places you can get a test at. If you are a patient through them, the Mayo Clinic is a great place to start.

Some other places include the old Gander Mountain store on Adams Street, Walgreens, and HyVee. Free testing can be available if you’re not covered with insurance.

While on campus it’s important to continue wearing your face mask and social distancing when possible. Although President Davenport has announced how close we are to having a normal semester in the fall, it won’t happen if we stop protecting ourselves and others. 

A normal semester consists of numerous elements that will help students live through their Maverick pride. President Davenport explains in his email the importance of getting back into the classroom and holding events for students to experience that desired college lifestyle. 

As listed in the email, some planned activities that will make a reappearance this upcoming semester include concerts, athletic events, homecoming, intramurals, and, most importantly, lectures.

There will still be class options for students who still need to take as many precautions as possible. When signing up for classes within the next week or so be sure to look out for FlexSync and online-only courses and to talk with your advisor for more information.

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