We need to support our Maverick sports

Athletics is one of the greatest college experiences that is offered to students. For some, it’s the sole reason they chose our school. For others, it never even crossed their mind. But something that every student at Minnesota State University, Mankato has in common is, we’re all Mavericks. 

Whether you play on the football team or are watching from the bleachers, we’re all in the same boat. Maverick athletics is a staple of our school and the surrounding community that needs and deserves our support now more than ever.

The Maverick men’s hockey team has touched down in Pittsburgh to compete in their first Frozen Four competition in the program’s history. The team of student athletes have been tested for COVID-19 countless times, been uncertain about what their week will look like and can change completely at any given moment. 

The only Division I sport that our school has to offer is in the process of making history for our school in a year that no one will ever forget.

Hockey isn’t everything, though. All of the student athletes, from basketball and wrestling to baseball and softball, have to live with the same realities of a COVID stricken world. We even have to deal with student athletes not getting to play an official season in soccer, volleyball, and football, after all of the work that is put in every single day for their teammates, coaches, and classmates. 

All of these sports under the Maverick athletics program deserve the support and respect for all of the hard work and dedication that they display.

Maverick athletics gives students a chance to represent our school all throughout the United States. 

With students like Dryden McKay and Quincy Anderson earning honors including the Hobey Hat Trick finalist and the NSIC All-Conference First Team, respectively, it’s the least we can do as their classmates to support our teams. They are giving us the opportunity to be nationally recognized as one of the best athletics schools in the country.

When life returns to normal as much as possible, athletics events can be some of the best memories students have of this school. For students who were attending MSU in 2018, the Mavericks against the Bowling Green Falcons  WCHA Postseason Finals was one of the most energetic, memorable, and electrifying games the Mavericks have ever been a part of. 

When Minnesota State scored two goals in under the last two minutes after being down 2-0, followed by Nick Rivera scoring the game winning goal in overtime, whatever I felt in the arena at the time was indescribable. You knew that you were surrounded by a community who have the same love for our school.

Support Maverick athletics.

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