Student Government: Administration award named after Dr. Davenport

The 88th Student Government of MNSU had their second to last meeting yesterday via Zoom. 

A large amount of the time from this meeting was designated as a question and answer session with outgoing University President Dr. Richard Davenport. 

The president spoke to the senate as a sort of goodbye to the student leaders, reflecting on his time at the University. 

“It has been a privilege to be able to serve as your president” said Davenport, noting his 19 years in position at MNSU. 

Davenport went on to say that this year’s students have gone through a very unique year of schooling.

“It is important for you as students to remember the difficulty that we have been through” said the president, instilling the importance for students to understand the historical significance of living through the pandemic as students. 

When asked about his plans for life after retirement, Davenport described various plans including looking to purchase an RV to travel the country.

His retirement plans did not, however, include cooking. Davenport even pulled in his wife, Mary Davenport, to jokingly critique his kitchen-skills.

“I think there is a difference between wanting to cook, wanting to learn how to cook, and being allowed in the kitchen to cook.” said the president’s wife, with a wink in her eye. 

Following the question and answer session, Student Government President Andrew Trenne put forward a motion to change the name of the “Administrator of the Year Award” to the “Dr. Richard Davenport Administrator of the Year Award.”

This motion was seconded by Vice-President Arnavee Maltare, and passed unanimously by the senate. 

The meeting then moved into an open forum, with the Vice-President and Chief Information Officer Mark Johnson spoke about projects coming from IT Solutions, including small booths around campus for Zoom classes, updating computer labs, and improving Flex Sync courses with microphones and projectors in classrooms. 

After senator reports, Senator Minahil Khan spoke to the goals discussed at the Technology Roundtable discussion, including the creation of a liaison position between IT Solutions and Student Government. These objectives were voted upon, and unanimously approved by the senate. 

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