MNSU’s Savoy takes second in Nationals

After an outstanding season from our Madden competitors, the PlayVS and NACE seasons have come to an end. With an early round exit in the PlayVS tournament from Cody Simek, it was Taylor Savoy’s time to shine. 

Heading into the first round of the tournament, Savoy was ranked second in the tournament and set to play the fifteen seed. He took down his first opponent and next defeated WVU 2-0 to head to round three of the tournament.

Round three started off great and ended great for the Madden star, where Savoy won his semifinal match against SUBR Esports to head to the PlayVS finals. Savoy was then matched up with the South Dakota Coyotes esports team for the championship game.

Unfortunately Savoy fell short of the PlayVS crown, losing the championship series 3-1. When asked in an interview this week about his championship loss, Savoy said, “coming up a game short sucks. That game will be in the back of my mind knowing I was just one game away. [I’m going to] let it motivate me to not lose.”

As the NACE championship came just a day later, Savoy let his previous championship loss fuel him in his run to the crown. As Taylor got ready for his NACE championship game against GSC Esports, his mind would have only been focused on his loss from the day before.

Savoy is a very motivated player when it comes to his games, and as his championship game came up he said, “nerves don’t come to me much anymore since I’ve played so much.” 

His composure for playing elevates his game saying, “I’m always comfortable now. I like to take notes on what routes the receivers are running to combat what the other player may be doing.” Taylor did just that in his championship game, winning the NACE championship.

As a junior, Savoy had a great season, and when asked about his possible return next year he said, “I’ll be back. Revenge tour.” A very promising quote from a great Madden player as he prepares for his senior season this offseason to hopefully become the champion of both the NACE and PlayVS leagues next season.

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