Greek life begins rush week, encourages students to join

Greek life has been a presence at Minnesota State University, Mankato for decades and has the potential to create an abundance of positive impacts within the community as well as form lifelong bonds. 

At MNSU they offer four different sororities and six fraternities that incoming and pre-existing students are able to join. 

This first week of the fall semester is when formal recruitment takes place. Participants will meet all of the sororities or fraternities and learn more about their specific chapter. 

Starting Thursday is the open house round where students will visit each chapter, Friday is round two where they can visit up to three chapters, Saturday is preference round and can visit up to two chapters, and then Sunday is bid day where recruitments will find out which sorority or fraternity they are matched with. 

This will take place in the Centennial Student Union in the Student Activities office. 

Greek life is the ultimate college experience for many, but it can also help students build strong connections with their peers. 

“It really is my home away from home. I know I have 74 girls I can talk to if I’m having academic problems or family problems or I just want a movie night,” Gamma Phi Beta President, Hannah Jack said. 

“This sisterhood has definitely left a positive impression on me and I hope I can bring that to others who are joining Greek life!” 

Jack is a junior at MNSU studying drug and alcohol studies. “It’s a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people.”

Community service and growing your leadership skills is a huge part of Greek life.

“Last year we did a 24-hour live stream to raise money for St. Judes hospital which was definitely one of the highlights, since during COVID we didn’t get to go out as much,” Bill Karels, a senior at MNSU and current president of Tau Kappa Epsilon said.

Tim Tuchek, a junior at MNSU and Tau Kappa Epsilon’s recruitment chairman shared how Greek life impacted him. 

“We also can make a lot of connections in the job world through our brothers after we graduate or with alumni from our fraternity.”

Those in fraternities or sororities host numerous student events throughout the year and are a great way for students to get involved. 

Fraternity man of the year, Win Vuong is a senior at MNSU and the Vice President of Sigma Chi. “We are really trying to get more students involved on campus because we want as many people to get involved in student activities, no matter if it’s Greek life or other student organizations,” Vuong said. “Having a more active student body makes school more interesting and enjoyable!”

Greek life is one way to make friends on campus especially for incoming freshmen. 

“I’m a first gen, and I didn’t know what college would be like. I went through formal recruitment and I ended up loving my sorority and all of the leadership opportunities they offered.” Lisbeth Magdaleno-Garcia, current President of Tri Sigma and junior at MNSU, said. 

“Having those opportunities and experience is super helpful when going into the real world.” 

During formal recruitment is when the majority of new members join their sorority or fraternity . 

“First semester of freshman year I went to the open house and ended up loving the guys in my chapter.” Roman Newinski, junior at MNSU and Vice President of Phi Delta Theta said. 

“It gives you immediate friends and you also get to be a part of fun events as well as be eligible for scholarship opportunities.”

Each sorority or fraternity typically has their own philanthropy and core values. 

Alpha Chi Omega is known for standing up against domestic violence. They do this by educating others on what to look for and how to step in when needed. 

“My favorite community service event that we have done is help raise money for the CADA house here in Mankato, being able to raise money for necessities others need is an honor and a privilege,” Gensyn Bosquez, senior at MNSU and Vice President of Alpha Chi Omega said. 

“Incoming students should join greek life because they are able to help make a change in the community no matter how big or small.” 

You can find more information on Greek life at the Greek office located in the Student Activities Center in the CSU. 

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