The Reporter: who we are, what we stand for

The Reporter is a time honored staple of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Started in 1926, under the temporary name “Among Ourselves”, the campus newspaper has been dedicated to providing timely news, striking photographs, and quality content to its readers for nearly 100 years. 

During this next year, the editorial staff of the Reporter seeks to continue the tradition of providing this content for the students of MNSU. 

A brief introduction is in order at the beginning of any year of the returning editors on the Editorial Board. 

First off, we have Maxwell Mayleben, the Editor in Chief of the newspaper. Mayleben is in his second year as Editor in Chief, and third year working for the Reporter. He is a Business Management major, and plans to graduate in the spring. Mayleben is a huge fan of Star Wars, coffee and eats extraordinary amounts of pasta. 

Then we have Mansoor Ahmad, the Media Director for the Reporter, who has been working since his freshman year at MNSU. An international student originally from Pakistan, Ahmad found his home at the Reporter as a photographer and has subsequently won several awards for his work at the newspaper. Ahmad has also moved onto work for the Mankato Moondogs, eats at Schwarmania any chance he can, and listens to Coldplay on repeat. 

Jenna Peterson, the News Director for the Reporter, started as a writer at the paper in her  freshman year. Starting with a column called “Ask Jenna”, where she gave advice to anonymous students on campus, Peterson moved up in the ranks, currently starting her third semester as News Director. Peterson loves 5 Seconds of Summer, has another job at Kwik Trip, and some would say she believes astrology a little too much. 

Last but not least, Daniel McElroy, a student in his last semester at MNSU, and currently the newest of the editorial team. McElroy started as a sports writer for the paper during the last year, and very quickly moved up to be the editor of the sports section. McElroy is also an avid player of Esports and would kick anyone’s butt when it comes to League of Legends. 

As we go into our first semester of the year, we look at the goals that the Reporter has for the next 5 years, and reflect on what we can do to achieve those goals this year. 

A main goal of ours is to increase our multi-media presence, which means enacting more social media, more video, more photography, etc. The way of the future is social media and reporting on the news to multiple channels, and we need to follow industry trends to remain relevant. 

But the most important goal of ours is to create a biweekly newspaper that has stories and articles that are compelling and interesting to students. So as the semester continues, and you find something interesting that you would want to hear more about, reach out to us. Send story tips our way.

You can find us on racks all over campus, our social media accounts, and our website at msureporter.com

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