Senior Spotlight: JD Ekowa

After running short at the national championship last season, Minnesota State University, Mankato quarterback JD Ekowa is looking to lead his team to victory.

“After losing, it definitely felt like there was some unfinished business that needs to get taken care of. And I think that as we come back stronger this season, we have a chance to win it all,” Ekowa stated.

Ekowa started his football career 12 years ago and his passion for the game has only increased since. As a child, Ekowa grew up watching the NFL every Sunday, which ultimately formed the love he has for the game.

“I remember watching these teams play every Sunday and begging my parents to let me play.”

Football continues to teach Ekowa important life lessons on and off the field.

“My favorite part about being quarterback is being able to lead and become a role model for younger players. As well as learning to be coachable and to work as a team.”

Along with the advice from coaches and teammates, Ekowa can begin to look at life at a deeper level.

“For me, the best advice given is to control the controllable. Which means, do what you can with the cards you are dealt, and the rest will fall in place. If you begin trying to control the things that aren’t controllable you are going to get stuck and lead down the wrong path.”

Although COVID-19 took a season way from him, Ekowa says he is confident his team will be ready for the challenges this upcoming season may create.

“This team is strong. I have no doubt that we will be able to make a strong impression even with these new challenges we face.”

As Ekowa continues to leave a legacy, the thing he is proud of the most is the way his team turned into a family.

“They aren’t just a team anymore; they are my family.”

With a goal in mind and the whole season ahead of them, the path to a national title begins. 

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