Maverick Athletics launches app for MSU sports

Minnesota State Maverick athletics fans now have a new way to consume their news and everything sports for the university with the newly launched MSU Mavericks app.

When you first launch the app, you have the option to pick each of your favorite teams, where the app will filter out the content to show only the ones that you chose.

These teams will show up on your home screen with the past and upcoming games, with an option to open the schedule that lists upcoming games for every sport.

Your home screen also has your rewards profile at the bottom, where you can earn points for attending Maverick athletic games and match up on the leaderboards to other fans and students. The more points you earn, the more prizes will be available to you.

Prizes are available at all levels, from getting a tee shirt just for signing up at 50 points, to getting entered into a raffle for the grand prize at 1750 points. One of the grand prizes available to win is a $250 gift certificate among other prizes around similar value.

In order to redeem the prizes, the user must be at the facility or site of whichever event they are redeeming their prize at. Some other prizes include a coupon to Dunkin’ Donuts and a custom bobblehead.

The new app was launched to be more interactive with MSU students and it’s fans.

“We wanted to help expand our second screen experience,” Scott Nelsen, the Director of Marketing and Community Engagement said in an interview Wednesday. “We want to make it accessible with a click.”

Nelsen said the conversation of implementing the app began in the Spring of 2020, but was derailed due to COVID.

One of the features that Nelsen is most excited for, is the push notifications.

“If there’s lightning at a game, we can send out a notification for fans to seek shelter,” Nelsen used as an example. Other notifications to be sent out include game updates, final scores, and news.

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