Students have mixed feelings about scooters on campus

On Tuesday, the highly anticipated electric scooters arrived at the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus, giving students another mode of transportation. Junior Ryan Leistikow is one of many students who have hopped onto the newest trend on campus.

“I’ve used them only once so far, when I rode from the campus mall to the Clinical Science building, and I really enjoyed it,” Leistikow commented. 

When weighing in on the pros and cons of the scooters, Leistikow brought up some points of concerns some students may have.

“I definitely think the scooters will get a lot of use, but that will go down when the hype surrounding them goes away. The price students have to pay to use the scooters isn’t unreasonable, but it adds up.”

To use the scooters, riders must pay a $1 activation fee, and every minute after that they pay 39 cents on an app. To access this, simply scan the QR code on the parking posters next to the scooters.

Other students have yet to take the scooters for a spin, as they haven’t had the time or resources to do so. MNSU freshman Lovinnia Jepchirchir hasn’t utelized the scooters, but plans on doing so in the future.

“I don’t know how to use the scooters, but once I figure out how to, I might use them. It would be beneficial to move from one class to another,” Jepchirchir explained.

Some other students who haven’t tested out the new scooters include freshmen Kenneth Kiprotich and Heiz Mwathi. 

Both students have given some thought to using the scooters in the future, as there are some benefits that come along with them.

“They’re useful to move quickly from point a to point b. I’ll probably try them while it’s still warm out,” Mwathi stated. 

Alternatively, freshmen Ava Corey-Gruenes and Trapper Wetzel have not ridden the scooters and don’t plan on doing so.

“I don’t think I’ll use the scooters, as I don’t know much about them. I’m also not a huge fan of students having to pay to use them, making them not accessible to everyone,” Corey-Gruenes stated, with Wetzel agreeing. 

One interest with the scooters is how much use they will get throughout the next couple months, while the weather is still warm enough, and in the years to come. 

Leistikow believes the scooters will stay around, as long as there is still a need for them.

“I think these scooters will be used more for enjoyment purposes rather than practical uses, but as long as they keep up with maintenance and upkeep, then the scooters will stay on campus.”

The winter months are another concern brought up by students, as it would be difficult to ride around in the cold weather, if the scooters are still out and available to use.

Whether the scooters are a craze that will fade away or the hype will stick around, they can be found throughout the campus grounds.

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