Maverick volleyball leaves Michigan 2-2

Late last week, the Minnesota State University, Mankato volleyball team set out to Houghton, Michigan to participate in the Keweenaw Volleyball Classic. 

The Mavericks began the tournament by playing Northern Michigan on Thursday, September 2nd. Both teams came out strong, but ultimately the Mavericks fell behind and lost the first set by two points (26-28). 

The second set, however, the Wildcats were the ones to loss by two (28-26). As the anger grew within the Wildcats, they were determined to take away the next set. Which to everyone’s surprise, happened. 

The Wildcats won the third set with a less nail-biting score of 25-17. The Mavericks knew they could not lose the next set so, with the pressure on their shoulders, Minnesota fought and took the next set (25-21). At this point the game is tied 2-2 with one set to go. The final set left the Mavericks heart-broken as the score turned 15-10. 

Although the Mavericks had lost their first match, there were still more games to be played. The next matchup was against Michigan Tech. The first set is devastating as the Mavericks fall back and lose 18-12. The next two sets boost the confidence for the Mavericks as they take victory (25-12, 25-17). 

Now ahead 2-1 the Mavericks feel the pressure begin to disappear, however the pressure to win the next set is on Michigan Tech. As the score seesaws back and forth, the anticipation to win grows. 

Finally, Michigan Tech is able to take the victory as the score turns 27-25. Now, like the matchup between Northern Michigan, the game is tied 2-2. With the final set beginning, each team is determined to take away the win. Minnesota claims the win as they defeat Michigan Tech 15-8 in the last set. 

With a win under the Mavericks belt, the Mavericks were able to relax before their next game which happened to be three hours later.  The matchup between UW-Parkside became the most nail-biting game in the tournament. The first two sets were won by Minnesota State (25-23, 25-22). In sets three and four, UW-Parkside reigned victorious (21-25, 28-26). The game was, once again, tied 2-2 with one set to go. Although the Mavericks kept it close they were not able to win (15-12). That night, Friday, September 3, the Mavericks officially had a record of 1-2.

As the new day began and the last matchups of the tournament started, The Mavericks were determined to leave Michigan with an even record. 

The final matchup for the Mavericks was against Lake Superior State. Each set was close but the Mavericks won the first two (25-20) (25-18). The third set, however, was claimed by Lake Superior State (17-25). The Mavericks had to win one last set in order to win the game. Which was not a problem for them, even though it was kept close the entire time (25-23). 

Although the outcome of the tournament was not entirely what Minnesota State wanted, a record of 2-2 overall is not as bad as it seems. With the majority of the season still underway, the Minnesota State Volleyball team is set on going out and making that record a little more impressive. 

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