Theatre begins production with “I am a Camera

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s department of theatre and dance presents “I Am a Camera” a play that takes place in the 1930’s showcasing a handful of characters and their lives during Hitlers’ rise to power in Berlin Germany.

With only three weeks of rehearsals and auditions taking place after classes started at MNSU, those involved in the production have been very busy the past few weeks.

“I’ve done three shows with MSU before this one and this one has been such a whirlwind since we only had a couple weeks to put it together,” Emerald J. Clark, who plays Sally Bowles shared.

The setting takes place in a single apartment over a period of months. The show’s set was built “in the round” also known as a style of theatre where the audience completely surrounds the set, getting a 360 degree view of the show.

Those who attend will be transferred back in time to the early 1930’s while analyzing the lives of some very interesting characters.

“Christopher does a lot of observing, I think those silent moments are intriguing and if you’re watching the characters who aren’t talking you’ll find new things about the show,” Joshua Lester, who plays Christopher Isherwood said.

No matter how many productions you’ve been in, it can be agreed that being a part of MNSU extra-circulars is a great way to meet new people.

“This is my first production at MSU and I didn’t know any of the cast going into this,” Natalie Suarez, who plays Natalia Landauer stated. “I definitely learned a lot from this production by watching and also through my cast mates.”

 A fellow cast member agreed.

“This is my seventh production I’ve been a part of at MSU and one of my favorite memories throughout my time here is just getting to know all of my classmates also in my major,” Hannah Sayler, who plays Mrs.Watson-Courneidge shared.

Wednesday was the play’s opening night and many students came to support their friends in the production as well as see in-person shows again post-covid restrictions.

“My co-worker Hannah is in the show and I thought the show was very interesting and the accents are so impressive,” Halley Weinberger, sophomore at MNSU said.

Another student shared their excitement to be back in-person as well.

“I came tonight because I haven’t been to a production in years since covid and it’s really exciting to be back,” Faith Hagen, freshman at MNSU said.

Theatre productions at MNSU are open to any and all students especially for those who are looking to try something new.

Eric E Parrish, director of the production, shared his thoughts on why students should get involved in the theatre at MNSU.

“I think it’s important that students know that you don’t have to be a theatre major to be in a production, college is a time to explore and try new things,” Parrish added.

“I Am a Camera” will be showing at the Andreas Theatre from September 15-18 and tickets are $10 for the general public and $8 for MNSU students.

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