Phi Delta Theta raises money for ALS research

When you’re angry, stressed out or frustrated, many people will tell you to take a deep breath and relax. 

Phi Delta Theta has a better idea: Grab a sledge hammer and start whaling on a beat up old junkie car. 

For just a dollar a hit, it’s an easy way for students to let off some steam. This car smack down has been taking place for over a decade and has only grown in popularity since. 

“It was honestly so nice to have that as a stress reliever,” said MNSU freshman Dayton Frost. “Sometimes you don’t want to talk things out. Sometimes you just want to hit something!”

This memorable event started when some alumni from the Phi Delta Theta fraternity reached out and gave their advice and opinions on how to make the fraternity even better. What started out as an idea quickly became reality as Phi Delta Theta stitched all the pieces together to make this fundraiser happen. 

Since then it has turned into a flourishing fundraiser, helping raise money for charity and giving stressed students an outlet to release tension and frustration.

Joel Mowrey, a senior of Phi Delta Theta, pointed out that this is no normal fundraiser.

“I love being a part of such a well-known tradition. Our fraternity has been doing this for as long as I can remember, which would put it around 2008,” Mowrey explained. “Our goal is to do it every semester but it’s not very often that we find a car beat down enough to actually smash a hammer on, that a car salvage lot is willing to just simply hand over.”

For the last few years the fraternity has put all of its fundraisings toward ALS research, a rare and so far incurable disease where one’s muscles weaken and wither away. 

In the three days the event took place this semester, $900 has been raised and donated to this research,

Freshman Paige Peterson said she was excited for the opportunity.

“I wish they had this as an option all year round,” she said. “I would waste so much money hitting that car.”

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