How students make the ‘major’ decision

Minnesota State University, Mankato offers more than 130 undergraduate areas of study, 13 pre-professional programs, and over 75 graduate areas of study that students can find interest in.

The six colleges in which your major will fall under at MSU entail the college of allied health and nursing, college of arts and humanities, college of business, college of science, engineering, and technology, and the college of social and behavioral sciences. 

MNSU has roughly more than 14,000 students currently enrolled including over 1,000 international students from 89 countries as well as more than 125,000 MNSU alumni worldwide.

When it comes to picking a major many students have different reasons on why they decided to learn more about what they are passionate about. 

“I’m majoring in psychology and as a person who has struggled with mental health I really want to help others who also struggle with their mental health. I can see myself working at maybe a mental hospital after I graduate, probably working with teens or young adults,” Sydni Angus, freshman at MNSU said.

“I’m undecided but I’m thinking about majoring in elementary education. I’ve worked at a daycare before and took a class in high school where we’d go over to the elementary schools and help out and I really enjoyed it,” Abby Heisinger, freshman at MNSU shared.

Others have a unique way on how they discovered their interests. 

“I took a job quiz in high school and it said I would’ve been a good fit for psychology so that is what I’m majoring in,” Greta Lampe, freshman at MNSU stated.

“Business management is my major, I wanted to major in this because when I was 15 and started my own business. It was a Liquidation business where you buy and sell overstock products,” Nataile Moerke, freshman at MNSU, said.

Some have more personable career interests.

“My major is sports management because I love all sports. A dream job of mine would be to work in the front office for the Vikings on more of the business side and working with finances,” Max Wiener, freshman at MNSU said.

“I am majoring in graphic design, because I have no other skills other than doodling. I chose graphic design because every brand has some type of logo and I also enjoy drawing,”Mason Neuman, freshman at MNSU, shared.

“I’m actually double majoring in marketing and in graphic design. I’ve always liked art and I got into graphic design ever since I got a Cricut and I really like making shirts and stickers,” Faith Mounce, a junior at MNSU, stated.

Like most colleges, the first couple classes you most likely are going to take your first semester are general education courses.

“I’m a finance major because I enjoy math and working in the professional setting. I’d say my college classes have a bigger workload than my high school classes but it’s not too bad,” Autumn Manni, freshman at MNSU said.

“My major is human resource management and the reason why I chose this is because I want to help others,” Courtney Pepper, a junior at MNSU, shared.

Founded back in 1868 MNSU is a public institution with a campus size of about 303 acres as well as the city of Mankato equipped with an abundance of scenic parks, waterfalls, and hiking trails. 

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